There is a place where every one of us is whole
Yet each of us strives to find it

There is a place where each of us is full up
And yet we empty ourselves searching desperately for it

There is a place where we are satisfied, contented
And yet we will not cease to rest until we have looked under every stone in search of our own satiation

Will enough ever be enough?

There is a place where each of us is truly beautiful
And yet we scar ourselves immeasurably trying to uncover some deeply hidden ideal

There is a place where each of us has something important to say
And yet we constantly silence ourselves so as not to offend, in order to fit into society’s mold

There is a place where each of us revels in the beautiful silence
And yet day in and day out we scream and shout to be heard…noticed

There is a place where each of us strives to stand out, to be lauded for our innovation, our unique talents
And yet, every day we hide in the safety of our anonymity, and dumb ourselves down to stay there

There is a place where each of us is courageous and strong, a single brave knight
And yet every day we fall further into the familiar womb of fear and loathing

How will anything of import ever be accomplished in these obsessive oxymorons?

One small step
One small breath

Breathe in
Breathe out

This time I want to for me, because I matter
Not because I care what you think
Not even because I care what I think

Because I matter

Because I have something to contribute, and I damn well better be around to throw it in the pot
Investing in myself is the best gift I can give to the world
Making myself a better person is the biggest contribution I can make

I will not be small
You (I) will be awed by the largeness of me

I will not hide
You (I) will be amazed by how present I am

I will not shut down to make things easier or more comfortable for you
You (I) will be astounded at how I really feel

I will not shut up
You (I) will be touched by my voice and the message it carries

I hope you will join me.
I welcome your company.