Sara Ramsay is hands down my first choice to vocal coach our artists. We have sent numerous artists to her for vocal training. Sara is great at teaching the building blocks that any singer needs for a successful career, both in terms of getting the most out of their voice, but also protecting their voice. I would recommend Sara for vocal coaching without hesitation.


~ Jonathan Simkin ~

604 Records, Light Organ Records, Simkin Artist Management



Sara Ramsay changed everything I knew about being a singer.

Some of us in rock'n'roll can develop bad habits. But all of the usual stereotypes aside, it was my improper vocal technique that really set me back & limited my ability as a singer. It was a series of sessions with Sara that brought all of this to light for me. Through working with Sara, I was able to gain control of my voice in a comfortable place.

I can't thank Sara enough for all she did for me in such a short time & I look forward to working with her again.


~ Dylan Villain ~
lead vocals, guitar
The Wild!

signed to eMusic Canada, eMusic USA/Worldwide



I’ve known Sara since she was a little girl doing voice overs at GGRP, but her talent didn’t stop there.

When I have a client that seems to be struggling a bit with their singing I send them to Sara for a little help. She is so amazing with them, and in a short while you see a vast improvement in their control and power. The thing I like best about Sara is she doesn’t try to change how they sing, she works with the singer’s style and helps them discover where their vocal control comes from.

Every client I’ve sent her loves her friendly approach and quick results.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.  Thank you Sara!


~ Mike Fraser ~
Producer, Engineer, Mixer

AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, Franz Ferdinand, Zac Brown (the Dave Grohl sessions), Hedley, Rush, Enter Shikari, Joe Satriani, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones,  Marianas Trench, Amen, Mother Mother & Cancer Bats



Sara is an incredible teacher. Exploring the technical elements of singing with her has been a fun and informative journey. The warm, gentle and yet professional environment she has established for her lessons is a reliable weekly joy in my life. I owe her a lot of my career as a singer.  I would recommend her to anyone, ESPECIALLY, if you are self-conscious or sensitive about your voice.


~ Charlie Kerr ~
JPNSGRLS, Matt and Sam's Brother

signed to Light Organ Records



We Do What It Takes.

I have twins. I also have daughter who is two years older. Add to that, I became a single mother when the twins were 21 months, and Kid #1 was three years old. People constantly ask me, “how did you do it?” I just did. That’s my constant answer. I just did. No magic formula. I just got myself through it. Full disclosure: I don’t always remember a the details of the really stressful times, but I got through it. That’s pretty true of life, really. How do we do what we need to do? We just do. We dig deep. We find it somewhere. We figure it out. We just do. It’s something that I’ve come to trust. Even love. I know that no matter what gets tossed my way, I’ll figure it out. I’ll survive. I’ll...
In these days of portable studios and digital wizardry, everyone’s a recording artist! My “in-box” is over-flowing with song demos, each of them meticulously quantized, sampled and auto-tuned. Regrettably, many of these recordings have no creative merit whatsoever.
Imagine if someone came along who could really sing!
Enter Sara Ramsay, a gifted vocalist with a warmth and maturity that is rarely heard. Unlike some of the demos on my desk, Sara didn’t decide to be a singer yesterday. She’s been singing her entire life, which is about how long I’ve known her.
I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful singers over the years, including Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt and Ann Wilson. In my opinion Sara is in the same league.
Jim Vallance

Juno Award Winning Songwriter/Producer (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, Alice Cooper, Bryan Adams)

Sara did a great job designing the social media campaign for my book, ‘Is This Live?’, about the early years of MuchMusic. She helped me find my target audience, including 8,000 plus people on Facebook, and guided me throughout the campaign to keep growing the community of would-be book buyers. She is also a pleasure to work with and I’d work with her again in the future anytime!
Christopher Ward

Author, Songwriter, founding VJ at MuchMusic